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New Freelance Job Site for Low Competition High Chance

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Great Work From Home Job in 2023


Great Work From Home Job in 2023

Work-from-home jobs are becoming the most popular in 2023. Students from housewives to jobless unemployed youth or self-employment to full-time service holders looking for extra income are looking forward to doing work-from-home jobs.


But many may not know what types of jobs are employed by various companies to work from home. What exactly do you need to know to work there?


In today's post, I will discuss six jobs that you can start working from home.

Great Work From Home Job in 2023

Great Work From Home Job in 2023



At a glance


1. Customer Service


2. Data Entry


3. Virtual Assistance


4. Translator


5. Proofreader


6. Social Media Specialist


1. Customer Service:


You can choose customer service as a work-from-home job. Today, many companies hire people who can provide customer service, from selling their products to moving the business forward. In that case, you have to provide services as required by the company.


Now you will naturally wonder what exactly customer service means or what qualities you need to have to work in this profession. Now let's answer all those questions.


What is customer service?


 Customer service or customer service is basically a coordinating or bridging function. between companies and customers. One of your most important tasks is to maintain relationships with customers after you sell a company's product and even after the sale.


Let's take an example. Let's say you are selling insurance policies for any company. In that case, while selling the insurance policy to the customer, you have to explain the policy details as well as the fact that you are working as his well-wisher.


Even after you have honestly sold the policy, you have to exchange courtesy with the customer later on.


2. Data Entry:


The demand for working as a data entry operator is skyrocketing. Fewer or less educated people are most likely to do data entry jobs.


Skill: Good typing speed will be an advantage for data entry jobs. Your English grammatical knowledge also needs a little brushing up. Besides, if your communication skills with him are a little better then you will be ahead of others.

3. Virtual Assistant:

Earning as a virtual assistant is one of the ways to earn money online. Today in our article What is a virtual assistant? And I will discuss in detail how to earn as a virtual assistant.


About Virtual Assistant:

Our age is called the modern age. And the basic foundation of this modern era is called online, and therefore the present time can be called the online era. In this era, the use of online is the most. 

It is not only in our country, but in the whole world, online is a particular use. As the country around the world has become more developed today, one of the keys to the development of that country is online. It is safe to say that the government has progressed more and more in online usage.


People achieve various tasks by using online. People are now earning enough money through this online. And earning money through this online is usually called freelancing or outsourcing.


Most of the people in our country are now engaged in the freelancing profession. They are giving more importance to freelancing than jobs. They are making this freelancing their career. They are earning enough money by freelancing.

Freelancing careers usually involve a variety of tasks. It is possible to become a freelancer by doing various tasks. Among all the freelancing jobs, the work of a virtual assistant is one of the many.


In today's online era, one can easily become self-employed by becoming a virtual assistant. But doing this work should be your choice and you will be well paid for doing this work.

What is Virtual Assistant:

In our current freelancing world, virtual assistant jobs are one of the most important. The popularity of this work has increased day by day. Most people are much more comfortable doing this.


The virtual assistant is when you sit in your home or anywhere of your choice through the internet from one place to another place to help the office boss or client work is called virtual assistant.


Generally, virtual assistants work as assistants to the administrator. Adoption of Virtual Assistant Any businessman or any person who has helped with various tasks online from any kind of promoting area is called Virtual Assistant.


To put it more simply, it has to be said that by sharing the screen of a computer through online software from one place to another in official work or business work, doing accounting work is called a virtual assistant.

You create your portfolio or website:

Nowadays the work of virtual assistants has become very popular. When you get down to working as a virtual assistant in various marketplaces, the most important thing you will need is when you create your portfolio or website.


In general, when it comes to virtual assistant jobs, if you can show the client some previous work similar to the work you are looking to do, your chances of getting the job will increase. A portfolio website is a website that contains a list of the work you have already done.


But you can use your original picture and all your real information there. In no case shall you misrepresent yourself. This may increase the risk of being in a problem.


4. Translator:


Translator jobs are in great demand as work-from-home jobs. If you know Chinese, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian or German along with English, then the job of the translator will become an ideal job for you.


You should be well-versed in the grammar of the two related languages. Many times you use apps to translate, and it can be seen that the meaning of the translations in the apps may be different. That is why you need to be proficient in the grammar and composition of that particular language.


Where to find work:


You can get jobs through websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. These sites are quite trusted sites for work-from-home jobs.



5. Proof Reader:



What is proofreading?


The proof is an English word. It means proof. And Reading means reading. Basically, re-reading is called proofreading to make the writing accurate by removing the existing errors in books, booklets, newspapers, magazines, or any composition or writing. 

To do proofreading the text has to be read and its reader or the person responsible for proofreading has to have proper knowledge about standard or standard language.

 Rules and requirements of proofreading:

Proof-editing is essential for anyone involved in composition, whether through book writing, publishing, or extensive use of computers.

 Proofreading or proofreading can defeat the purpose of proofreading without an understanding of modern standard spelling and diction while proofreading. 

Both the compositor and the proofreader are at risk of confusion about error-free or standard wording or spelling. As a result, the printed book or copy may be completely in the hands of the reader.

 It is very natural for the reader to misunderstand the author, publisher, and proofreader. As a result, many typographical errors and errors can spread everywhere. 

That's why authors, publishers, composers, and proofreaders must have a solid understanding of proofreading rules.


Global Rules of Proofreading:


Proofreading is done in the same way in almost all countries of the world. In 1958, the Indian Standards Institution constituted a committee to lay down rules for proof correction to facilitate publication.

 The committee analyzed the regulations of different countries of the world for proof correction and formulated a modern and up-to-date all-India regulation (Proof Corrections for Printers and Authors). 

It can be said that later this became the global rule of proofreading. In our country too, all Indian rules are followed with a few modifications considering the current context.


Points to be considered in proofreading:


Anything printed (such as newspapers, magazines, books, dictionaries, stories, novels, plays, poems, etc.) must be printed on a press or computer before being presented to anyone. A press compositor (now a computer operator) rewrites it in machine letters. 

After writing, he took the impression on the paper. The paper of this impression is the proof. That is proof of the author's writing. While writing on the compositor machine, it is necessary to compare the author's writing with the original author's writing. 

Then if it is noticed that the compositor has omitted some parts, made a mistake in spelling, or composed other words without understanding the handwriting, correcting those errors is the work of proof-correction. The Bengali 'press' of Proof in the publishing house from which it is printed. So proof-correction means - typographical correction.


Things to have knowledge about in proofreading in any language:


Only the compositor or the one who composes, in plain any language, the one who types or composes the texts in printed letters on the computer, makes a mistake - this is not the case; Rather, the original writer himself may make mistakes in data, spelling, wording or sentence structure, etc. in the manuscript. 

Therefore, the proofreader or proof-corrector is not only required to correct the mistakes of the compositor but also to correct the errors in the author's theory, information, sentences, word formation, etc.


Proof-editing requirements:


It is perhaps needless to state that the need for proof correction is immense. Because, if there are mistakes in theory, information or spelling, etc. in the newspaper, magazine, or book, countless readers can reach the wrong writing, a result of which these mistakes can remain in their knowledge as a result of reading them - which is undoubtedly a serious matter. 

So, to get accurate knowledge, it is very important to publish it accurately, be it in a newspaper, magazine, or book. And the prerequisite for accurate book printing is that there are no mistakes in the proof copy.


On the other hand, although checking the correct composition of an author's manuscript is a group correction, there are other things to consider, such as books or magazines, whether, if a printed text is published in public, administrative, social, religious, etc.

 It widens in scope and may fall under the cognizable offense of the Press Act for errors and omissions. So it is very important to keep these things in mind while proof-editing.


Things to keep in mind while proof-editing:


A proofreader needs to be very careful when proofreading. It is said about the author - 'Ink-pen-mind, three write'. But in the proof-researcher the connection of eye and mind, as well as knowledge, wisdom, and experience are essential. 

As soon as you look at a word, you have to consider whether the spelling is correct or not, whether the word is used correctly in the sentence, etc. Another characteristic of a proofreader is that what a proofreader reads (books, newspapers, whatever), many mistakes do not escape his eyes.


The manuscript:


Proof-editing rules-making committees provide some guidance or suggestions on manuscript preparation from the outset. The proposals were:


  •  A margin of at least three centimeters should be kept on the left side of the manuscript.

  •  Later, the first manuscript or copy should be carefully revised and sent to the press so that there is no doubt or complication about any change or modification of the original manuscript.

  • If there is any design or diagram, illustration, or picture, it should be sent separately with instructions.

  •  Footnotes will be avoided as much as possible. Mandatory footnotes should be written in the appropriate place in the manuscript between two parallel lines. But if the footnotes are more, they should be written on a separate paper.

  •  The author/editor can give instructions on where and how to type in the margins of the manuscript if desired.

  •  Authors may make revisions to the manuscript at any time before publication. However, corrections can be made even after printing. In this case, the author and publisher will determine how it will be done.


Responsibilities of the proofreader:


The responsibility of the proofreader is no less than that of the compositor for the accurate printing of a book or copy; Rather much more. Because it is the responsibility of the proofreader to find mistakes in what the composer composes.

 On the other hand, proofreaders are considered to be more skilled and experienced than ordinary compers. A book or copy can be accurately printed under the overall guidance of a skilled proofreader. 

Hence the proofreader must have a detailed understanding of standard spelling, error-free diction, and periodic structural changes in the modern Bengali language. A proofreader must be patient and perceptive.

 Nowadays, apart from professional proofreaders, many authors proofread their books themselves. A printed book is largely accurate if the author sees the proof of his own book. Any writer or professional proofreader who does proof-editing work must follow certain rules. 

For example-


1. Commencement of revision work as soon as the proof is in hand so that there is no delay in sending back the revised proof.

2. No changes or additions to the original text are recommended during proofreading.

3. So that no part of the writing is left out of the manuscript, proof-editing should be done along with the original manuscript.

4. An assistant may be hired, who will read the manuscript and accompany, it to carry out the revision work accurately. Also, match each line of the proofreader and make necessary corrections.

5. Proof-correction marks should be written consecutively in the left-hand margin of the respective lines of the proof sheet. If necessary, it can be written on the right side as well.

6. An italic stroke (/) should be placed after each punctuation mark to separate the margin.

7. Attention should be paid to whether the prescribed font size is used for headings of sections and sub-sections.

8. Every paragraph, quotation, and example of the main text should be checked whether it is properly arranged or not.

9. Check whether the numbers, figures, and dates are accurate or not.

10. Check whether the attached figure, figure number (if any), array identity, and serial number are correct or not.


There are also opportunities to take up proofreading as a career:


Nowadays proofreading is also a good profession for many people. Proofreading jobs also offer opportunities to showcase your creativity. Those who want to earn a good income in less time by showing their creativity in this field can take proofreading as a profession. Throughout the year, various advertising agencies, newspapers, and publications hire proofreaders. Just need to keep a regular check.


Scope of work in proofreading:


The task of proofreading may seem simple at first, but it has to be done with great awareness. Because this is the last stage of editing. Since it is the last step, the work is very sensitive, very careful, and very responsible. Because, if the eye slips from their hands and goes wrong, there is no chance to correct it. 

However, proofreading in many languages around the world is now done by artificial intelligence (AI) on computers. But we are different, like many other things in our country we are divided even today in terms of the spelling of our language, etc. 

Different methods of spelling are followed here. Media houses follow their own spelling conventions, and writers also follow different spelling conventions. 

As a result, the computer has not been able to take its place in the work of proofreading in our country, as a result of which this field is being carried out manually, for which there is a considerable demand for skilled proofreaders.

 As authors follow different spelling conventions, the needs of proofreaders may vary in different publishing houses to maintain the consistency and originality of their writing. 

Keeping these things in mind, the proofreader has to understand which author and which house follows which orthography, and he has to work accordingly.

Demand is constantly increasing. Because there are technical limitations. When writing is broken on a computer or word file, the need for skilled and experienced proofreaders to edit them correctly is increasing day by day.


In addition to various publishing companies, there are opportunities to work as a proofreader in newspapers, domestic and foreign organizations, and various government ministries and departments. Apart from this, proofreaders are employed in production houses for editing dramas, movies, and various types of manuscripts.


Qualification in Proof Reading:


If you want to do well in proofreading, you must first read a lot. If you want to enter this profession, there is no alternative to developing more study habits. The habit of reading especially literary books should be developed.

 Remember, skills and experience are more important than academic qualifications in this profession. Regularly read the dictionary so that the correct spelling can be found quickly when needed.

 A proofreading job is an opportunity to show your creativity. Also with attention, it is possible to earn respectable with little effort. Advertising agencies and content writing houses require skilled manpower in this profession.


To develop yourself as a proofreader, you need to have an interest in your knowledge. The details of correct spelling should be mastered. One should also have a clear and clear understanding of the classic and modern formats of spelling.


Proofreader jobs can be found by:


Generally, proofreaders are not advertised much in the media or on job websites. Most of these jobs are done through acquaintances. Those who want to enter this profession should try to keep in regular contact with various publishing houses.

 In this case, those who have previously worked or are currently working as proofreaders, are usually recruited through them.


Salary Allowances of Proof Readers:


According to information obtained from those associated with publications focused on any language such as the Bengali or Hindi market, publishing houses usually hire proofreaders on a monthly and contractual basis. Apart from this, proofreaders are also employed as form-based.

 The monthly salary usually starts from 25 thousand rupees. The better the work, the higher the income. It is known that some earn 60-70 thousand rupees per month by doing good work. And in the case of form-based work, as of the current year 2023, the minimum is Rs.200 perform. 

Rs.1000 perform is also given in case of experienced persons. Proofreaders earn a lot more in the case of researched books. Because they have more pages and contain more information. These corrections require more skilled and experienced proofreaders.


6. Social Media Specialist:


Responsibilities of Social Media Specialist:


You need to tailor your social media strategy to meet the needs of traffic, readers, and followers. Each social media platform requires you to complete tasks.


What does a social media specialist do?

The goal is to strategically leverage all aspects of the social media marketing roadmap to gradually achieve higher customer engagement and intimacy, website traffic, and revenue.


Social media experts should have a solid understanding of how each social media channel works and how to optimize content so that it engages on those channels. 

You are responsible for engaging in relevant conversations on behalf of the brand and "soft selling" the product by providing support to current and potential customers.




Work-from-home jobs have become quite popular these days. New industrial plants are not being built due to the global financial crisis. Rather, there are more layoffs. 

The massive expansion of technology in the IT sector has increased the demand for work-from-home jobs. There is job demand in various pantaloon, banking sector, publishing, news portal, etc sectors.

 So this year, you have a high chance of success from data entry to proofreader work or from virtual assistant to translator work.

Questions and Answers:

Where to contact for work from home job?

You can apply on job portals such as Indeed, Monster, Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. to get work-from-home jobs.

How to get payment after working from home job?

After doing work from home job you can get paid through your bank account. Besides, if you work in any company outside the country, you can get paid through Stripes or PayPal account.


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চলো যাই গ্যাংটক- পর্ব -১  ছোটবেলার সেই দিন গুলির কথা মনে পড়ে বারে বারে।সেদিনের ক্লাসে বাংলা শিক্ষকের দার্জিলিং ও গ্যাংটক যাওয়ার বর্ণনা আজও আমায় স্বপ্নের জগতে ভাসিয়ে নিয়ে যায়।নীল আকাশের গায়ে সাদা পেঁজা তুলোর মতো মেঘের ভেসে বেড়ানোর গল্প ,মাঝে মাঝে ধোঁয়ার মতো মেঘ- ঘরের মাঝে ঢুকে যাওয়ার গল্প,আমায় যে কোন জগতে নিয়ে যেত-তা আমি ভাষায় বলতে পারি নে।  মেঘের দেশে সেই তখন থেকেই স্বপ্ন দেখেছি। বড়ো হয়ে একটি বারের জন্য মেঘ ছুঁয়ে আসবো।আর সে ইচ্ছেটা পূরণ হইতেই সেটা খানিক কইতে না পারলে বোধকরি আয়েশ মেটে না ।যাইহোক, নেট দুনিয়ার দৌলতে একটুখানি অভিজ্ঞতা সঞ্চয়পূর্ব্বক, পাড়ি দিলুম গ্যাংটক যাত্রা উদ্দেশ্যে -সোজাসুজি হাওড়া স্টেশনে।সংরক্ষিত কামরার টিকিট অবশ্যি আগেভাগেই কাটা ছিল।  দিনটা ছিল ৩রা অক্টোবর ২০১৮। শীতটা তখনো পড়েনি। বেশ গরম গরম-ই বটে। হাওড়া স্টেশন। দক্ষিণ -পূর্ব রেলের এই বর্ণময় স্টেশনটি যেন সারা ভারতবাসীর এক মিলনক্ষেত্র। স্টেশনে পৌঁছনোর সাথে সাথে মনটা যেন এক অনাবিল আনন্দে ভরে গেল।মনটা যেন ছটপট করছিল কখন চেপে বসব গন্তব্যের ট্রেনে।ইলেক্ট্রনিক্স বোর্ডের দিকে তাকাতে তাকাতে যখন হাওড়া স্টেশন