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New Freelance Job Site for Low Competition High Chance

  New Freelance Job Site for Low Competition High Chance Finding a new freelance job site with low competition and a high chance of landing gigs can be challenging, as the landscape is constantly evolving. However, here are some platforms that were gaining popularity in the freelance world as of my last knowledge update in September 2021. Keep in mind that the competitive landscape may have changed since then, so it's essential to do your research and stay updated on the latest trends in the freelance job market for 2024. Solid Gigs:  Solid Gigs is a subscription-based service that curates freelance job listings and sends them directly to your inbox. It's designed to save you time by providing quality leads, potentially reducing competition compared to open job boards. We Work Remotely:  While not entirely new, this platform focuses on remote work opportunities. Competition may be lower for specialized skills in industries such as tech, design, and marketing. Craigslist (speci

The Quickest Way to Get Rich With Social Media Marketing

The Quickest Way to Get Rich With Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Friends, what is social media marketing? Why is it done and what are the benefits of this marketing process? You may have had a question about these things at least once. So, social media marketing is a part or type of digital marketing.

You must know what social media means. These are some of the famous social media platforms used daily on mobile or computers. By using these famous and many other social media platforms, we talk to different acquaintances and strangers and express our feelings through pictures, videos, and statuses.

The Quickest Way to Get Rich With Social Media Marketing

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But, in many cases today, these social media have become a very powerful means of online marketing. Online marketing is a marketing medium where we can inform people about our products, services, business, or any other thing by promoting them or getting customers for products.

Now, social media platforms are used by a large number of people who are active online on the Internet. Hence, promoting products or businesses on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and so on is proving very profitable.

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In this, people sitting at home can easily see your marketing business, product, or service. And, it will all be through the internet and social media. Today, every company or brand has social media profiles. They are promoting their product, service, business, or brand through their Facebook page, Twitter page, or YouTube channel to countless people who are active on the internet.

Product promotion through this medium is very easy and any product can be promoted or marketed in very less time.

So, if you have a blog or website or you are a business owner who wants to promote or market your products, you can create profiles or pages on various social media platforms and market your products or services through “social media marketing” and customers ( customer) will get it at home.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Simply put, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a technique or process in which people who are active on different social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others platforms are targeted to promote products.

This marketing process involves targeting countless people who are active online or on the Internet. And hence, it is considered the best medium for digital marketing. I have already told you about what digital marketing is.

Through social media advertisement, you can promote any brand, product, or service, anywhere in the world through online advertisement.

Because, as the number of people using the internet increases, people are also using these social media sites or apps more and more.

Social media advertisement is a process where we run a type of paid marketing by running advertisements related to our products on various social media platforms.

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If you are a businessman, you can use social media marketing to promote your product or service or any business very easily at home in any place, city, country, or anywhere near you. Everything is possible on your smartphone.

Moreover, the opportunity to get consumers sitting at home for your product increases a lot.

How do social media marketing?

The rules or processes of social media marketing are very simple. Here you only need to survive some platforms, in which a lot of people are active. For example, Facebook and Twitter.

Now, before marketing or promoting, you need to create a profile, page, group, or community for your brand or product name. You can do it all for free.

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Important Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

1. Promote through social media:

You can promote any product of your business through social media. Since a lot of people use social media these days, you can promote your product in a short period. And you can do it from your home.

2. Advertisement at nominal cost:

Social media marketing will cost you nominal. You will mention details about your products on your profile or pages. Then spread it to your friends or followers. Post attractive prices and quality. Give beautiful pictures of the product. If you want to get more viewers or visitors, you can do advertisements by spending less.

3. Reaching specific audiences:

When you are running a business you need a platform to sell your products. Such platforms are social media platforms. Through social media platforms, you can advertise to a targeted audience. Not only that you can choose specific areas for your advertisement through social media. Besides, you can sell products keeping in mind the age of your audience. For this, you can take expert help on how to SEO your social media page.

4. Reach your target customers easily:

You can easily reach customers through social media marketing. Here you can directly reach the type of person you are looking for. You can reach a targeted audience through advertising. If necessary, you can create specific groups and reach them directly.

5. Able to create good quality brands:

You can turn yourself or your product into a global brand with social media marketing. You can reach your brand to people from any part of the country and abroad.

Social Media Marketing as a Career:

If you know how to do social media marketing, you can incorporate it into your career. Nowadays, the importance of digital marketing has increased to reach a business, blogs, websites, etc. globally. Marketing these things on social media requires experts. How to make digital marketing go viral on social media involves selecting keywords, preparing content, and boosting them. So if you take it as a profession then you can get a suitable way to earn online.


From the above discussion, it is clear that social media marketing is an important medium for you if you want to get rich in less time. That's why spreading your business on social media will help you reach customers faster. It will also increase your sales.

How to get a social media marketing job?

You can find social media marketing expert jobs on websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Facebook, etc.

What is the cost of advertising in social media marketing?

This will depend on the basis of your product, area, how many visitors you want, etc.


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চলো যাই গ্যাংটক- পর্ব -১  ছোটবেলার সেই দিন গুলির কথা মনে পড়ে বারে বারে।সেদিনের ক্লাসে বাংলা শিক্ষকের দার্জিলিং ও গ্যাংটক যাওয়ার বর্ণনা আজও আমায় স্বপ্নের জগতে ভাসিয়ে নিয়ে যায়।নীল আকাশের গায়ে সাদা পেঁজা তুলোর মতো মেঘের ভেসে বেড়ানোর গল্প ,মাঝে মাঝে ধোঁয়ার মতো মেঘ- ঘরের মাঝে ঢুকে যাওয়ার গল্প,আমায় যে কোন জগতে নিয়ে যেত-তা আমি ভাষায় বলতে পারি নে।  মেঘের দেশে সেই তখন থেকেই স্বপ্ন দেখেছি। বড়ো হয়ে একটি বারের জন্য মেঘ ছুঁয়ে আসবো।আর সে ইচ্ছেটা পূরণ হইতেই সেটা খানিক কইতে না পারলে বোধকরি আয়েশ মেটে না ।যাইহোক, নেট দুনিয়ার দৌলতে একটুখানি অভিজ্ঞতা সঞ্চয়পূর্ব্বক, পাড়ি দিলুম গ্যাংটক যাত্রা উদ্দেশ্যে -সোজাসুজি হাওড়া স্টেশনে।সংরক্ষিত কামরার টিকিট অবশ্যি আগেভাগেই কাটা ছিল।  দিনটা ছিল ৩রা অক্টোবর ২০১৮। শীতটা তখনো পড়েনি। বেশ গরম গরম-ই বটে। হাওড়া স্টেশন। দক্ষিণ -পূর্ব রেলের এই বর্ণময় স্টেশনটি যেন সারা ভারতবাসীর এক মিলনক্ষেত্র। স্টেশনে পৌঁছনোর সাথে সাথে মনটা যেন এক অনাবিল আনন্দে ভরে গেল।মনটা যেন ছটপট করছিল কখন চেপে বসব গন্তব্যের ট্রেনে।ইলেক্ট্রনিক্স বোর্ডের দিকে তাকাতে তাকাতে যখন হাওড়া স্টেশন