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little Robi and his busy parents

Robi was a little stubborn from a young age. He used to shout and vandalize household items until he could get something on his own. His insistence on screaming and crying out loud would have met his insistence for fear of being harassed by the people of the house next door and for the police harassment of the child. But as a result of his persistence day after day, Robi's list of whims gradually increased from his childhood.

Mr. Basu and Mrs. Basu, the parents of Robi, became very worried about their only son. They thought they would seek the advice of a pediatrician. So one day they went to a well-known pediatrician. The doctor gave some advice knowing all the case history. That advice went on for some time. The work was nothing special.

Robi's parents both worked. There was no one at home to notice the children. Because Rabi's grandparents lived in an old age home in another town far away.

Robi  began to grow from cress. She is also slowly adapting to being with so many kids at Cress. For the first few days, there were some complaints about Robi, but now there are not many complaints about Robi.

little Robi and his busy parents

However, the vicissitudes of childhood seem to be lost in Robi. He seems to be a little more quiet day by day. She is much calmer now. Maybe a little too quiet.

When he meets his parents in the evening, he is no longer as angry as he used to be. It doesn't even bother to eat it. His parents are a little happy.

Robi is now six years old. Robi goes to school with his father. Back to the school car. However, sometimes his mother brings him to school. But as both of them have offices, they can't give Robi much time. On holidays he goes for walks in the park with their maidservant. He is more comfortable with the maidservant. Robi's parents also trust Maid Servant enough.

If his parents give him something in love, he can't stay without giving it to his maid aunt. Robi can't stay at home for a moment without an aunt. Not even at night. However, Robi's extra attraction towards this maid aunt makes her mother think special. Robi's fear of moving away from him day by day - began to drive him away.

Day by day Robi's mother started to get very depressed. He didn't want to hear anything Robi said. If his father had said anything, he would have done the opposite. He was angry at every word of his parents, he was trying to make something happen. And behind all this, Robi's parents started blaming the maidservant Nisha.

It took quite a while to see. Robi's parents have chased away Maid Servant Nisha for some time now. He has been replaced by a new Maid Servant. Robi can't cope with it in any way. The same mother and father, with this new maidservant - the only rule and rule of these three. Robi seemed impatient. The house turned into a prison for him.

Today is July 17. Robi's twelfth birthday. Robi has invited his friends to Robi's birthday party. On his son's birthday, Mr. and Mrs. Basu also invited some guests from his office. Robi also has invited their former maidservant Nisha.  His parents did not know this. The whole house is beautifully decorated for the birthday party. Arranged in light. Robi's friends are coming one by one with expensive gifts. Guests from his parents' office also came.

The time is eight o'clock at night. Everyone is busy dancing, singing, and drinking. Robi's parents asked Robi to cut the birthday cake. But Robi kept looking at the door again and again. A little late. Robi's mother says to Robi, "Everyone has come, let's cut the cake."

Robi is ready to cut the cake at everyone's request. At that time Nisha entered through the main door. Seeing Nisha, Robi ran to Nisha with joy. Robi embraced and greeted Nisha. He took her hand and brought her to the cake table. Robi's mother was so angry that she insulted Nisha. Robi's father tried to calm Mrs. Basu down a bit on this day. But it did not work. Robi also protested against his mother's behavior. Not only did he calm down, but he took Nisha out of Robi's hands and drove her away.

It was a great insult to Robi. Surprising silence of all present and Nisha's farewell with tears disappointed Robi. She went to her room crying. Robi closed the door and started crying. He did not respond to the calls of his parents and friends.

 Many attempts failed. Mr. Basu did not wait any longer and started to break down the door. The door was broken through everyone's efforts. As soon as he entered, he saw Robi sitting speechless. An attempt was made to normalize him with a splash of water. Mother Mrs. Basu broke down in tears. Robi tried to normalize. Friends also started trying. The guests did not try less. But no attempt was made to restore his sanity.

The house physician was called. Shortly after, the doctor came and examined him. He listened to the description of the whole incident. After trying more than once, he suggested seeing a psychiatrist after the examination. On the advice of the doctor, Robi was admitted to the psychiatric ward of a reputed hospital.

Dr.Brown The famous doctor of the psychiatric department at the hospital checked up  Robi. After doing several tests, he concluded that Robi had been suffering from mental depression for a long time. Heard the full case history from childhood till today. Records from the time he was at Cress were also examined. Robi's diary of behavior was collected from former Maid Servant Nisha.

After examining all the case histories, the doctor concluded that Nishadevi had overcome the lack of a mother's affection since childhood. But Robi could not accept the extreme insult to Nishad Devi mentally. And this accident happened to him from that mental trauma.

It will take a long time for him to recover. And Nishadevi  has to take special responsibility in this matter. On Dr. Brown's advice, Robi's parents apologized to Nishadevi and asked her to take care of their only child. Surprised, Nishadevi looked at Robi's parents.

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